Key Stage 3 Music

All pupils are potentially musical and can benefit from learning experiences which develop their knowledge, understanding and skills. By actively engaging with the core musical activities – composing, performing and listening – they learn more about both making and responding to music. At Key Stage 3, they have opportunities to improve their understanding of how interdependent composing, performing and listening are.

In all three activities, they create personal meaning, express their own feelings, explore diverse musical tastes and experiment creatively.

They focus on music in society, both in their own culture and others, past and present, and learn about its power to evoke mood and atmosphere.

They also learn about how to be discriminating consumers of music, and become more aware of the skills required to be successful in the music industry.

For examples of suitable classroom activities, see:

If you are developing a programme of study for Music, please refer to the statutory requirements of the Northern Ireland Curriculum.