Singing and performing with simple instruments

Learning Intentions

  • We are learning to use simple instruments to accompany our singing.

What to look for

  • Pupils using simple instruments to accompany singing
  • Pupils using instruments in actions songs and games

Learning Activities

Have the pupils use simple musical instruments to accompany songs which illustrate simple musical concepts, for example:

  • The drummer’s in the ring (loud/quiet);
  • Bang, bang, the sticks go bang (loud/quiet);
  • Make your sound like mine (long/short, loud/quiet);
  • Some sounds are short (long/short);
  • Jack in a box (high/low); or
  • Sky-high, toe-low (high/low).

Introduce instrumental and sound-making opportunities into action songs or games, for example:

  • Choose an instrument;
  • Postman’s knocking;
  • Musical box goes round;
  • Tap your name;
  • My favourite instrument;
  • Shake, tappety, scrape; or
  • I have sounds one and two.