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NI Curriculum

Environment and Society

This Area of Learning contains the subject strands of Geography and History.

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Creative Learning in the Digital Age

An archive of moving images with examplars for teachers and students

In 2002, Northern Ireland Screen, the Nerve Centre and CCEA received funding from NESTA - the National Endowment for Science Technology and the Arts to carry out phase two of Creative Learning in the Digital Age. Read more about this project


Thematic Units

The following units show how Environment and Society can contribute towards the development of key themes of the curriculum. What is a Thematic Unit?

Who am I? Personal Understanding

Geography unit examining the local area and what makes it unique. Where am I? Personal Understanding Thematic Unit

A History unit that explores pupils' personal history, their family's history and the history of their local area. How has the past shaped who I am? Personal Understanding Thematic Unit

Dodging Doomsday - Education for Sustainable Development

A Geography unit looking at the topic of global warming. What if the ice melts? Education for Sustainable Development Thematic Unit

Growing up in Northern Ireland - Citizenship

This History unit explores how the past has shaped and continues to shape the lives of people in Northern Ireland today. Untangling the past - Citizenship Thematic Unit