Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment

Tasks and Exemplification

There are about 70 Using ICT Assessment Tasks available for schools to use. As part of the statutory assessment of Using ICT, there is no statutory requirement for schools to use CCEA tasks unless the school is being externally moderated. Please note: is currently no statutory moderation of Using ICT. Schools may decide to use CCEA UICT tasks or alternatively, may prefer carry out their own ICT activities.

CCEA has provided a bank of 70 UICT tasks which have been designed to give pupils meaningful opportunities to develop their skills. The tasks are available as a resource to help teachers plan for and carry out ICT work which contributes to the UICT Curriculum Requirements. Because the majority of the tasks are so generic, most tasks can be used on more than one occasion. All of the tasks allow access to more than one level.

The tasks can also be used for the purpose of assessment. However it is important that, if you do use them for this purpose, your pupils have already acquired the skills they need to complete the task.

To help illustrate the standards in the assessment of Using ICT, the Exemplification Library provides samples of pupils' work completed for the tasks, along with Teachers' Commentaries. The work samples and commentaries have been provided by schools in Northern Ireland and are available to registered teachers in Northern Ireland. To access the database, please log in using your C2k username and password.