Improvisation 1

Learning intentions

  • We are learning to assist the teacher in setting up a role-play area.
  • We are learning to choose appropriate costumes, hats and props for role-play activities.
  • We are learning to act out stories/scenarios.

What to look for

  • Pupils recognising that they can find relevant information in a range of sources
  • Pupils demonstrating a good understanding of the role of others through discussion and role-play
  • Pupils co-operating with others
  • Pupils openly discussing appropriate resources that are necessary for setting up a role-play area
  • Pupils eagerly responding to requests to bring in resources from home
  • Pupils working co-operatively within the role-play area
  • Pupils using appropriate language and expression within the role-play area
  • Pupils showing an awareness of skills that could be transferred to a variety of different settings

Learning activities

Provide an opportunity for pupils to research and explore the roles and responsibilities of people with different jobs, for example:

  • a nurse
  • a shop assistant
  • a builder.

Allow them to use information from books, the Internet, TV, or visits to real settings, for example:

  • a hospital
  • a supermarket
  • a building site.

Set up a role-play area to give the pupils ownership of the activity. Lead questions, for example:

  • What do we know about doctors?
  • What do we need to know?
  • What are we learning?

Encourage the pupils to bring in resources from home to enhance the role-play area.

Allow them to engage in free play in the role-play area. Have them choose their own scenarios and decide on their roles.

Support their learning by assuming the role of, for example:

  • a nurse
  • a shopkeeper
  • a builder

to enhance their role-play. Encourage them to assume different roles within their chosen scenarios.

Extend the pupils’ learning by introducing a range of relevant and stimulating resources, for example:

  • a thermometer
  • a cash register
  • tools.

Give them an opportunity to develop their roles outdoors, for example:

  • the nurse helps at a traffic accident;
  • the shopkeeper works on a market stall; or
  • the builder works on a building site.