Foundation Stage Drama

Drama enables pupils to express their thoughts, ideas and feelings in a safe environment. Through imaginative play, it helps them to develop their creativity and extend their learning. This dramatic play includes taking part in a range of games and strategies.

As they progress, pupils begin to negotiate roles, agree rules and act out scenarios. Eventually they are able to adopt and sustain a role using both verbal and non-verbal language.

Teacher assessment is an integral part of the pupils’ learning process. It allows you to create a comprehensive picture of each pupil’s strengths and areas for development. This gives you a profile to build on and a basis for future planning.

At Foundation Stage, you can use a range of strategies to give pupils an opportunity to demonstrate how they meet specific success criteria. These include:

  • observation;
  • class discussion;
  • visual/oral discussion; and
  • independent and group performances.

For examples of suitable classroom activities, see:

If you are developing a programme of study for Drama, please refer to the statutory requirements of the Northern Ireland Curriculum.