Appreciating the work of artists, designers and craft workers

Pupils need to see examples of what Art and Design looks like in practice. In order to understand the subject they should see – and, where possible, handle – real objects. They need to learn what art and design artefacts from different times and places look like.

Showing them examples of existing work suitable for their age group can help pupils get their own ideas flowing.

The best learning experiences in Art and Design lessons usually happen when pupils look at work they find stimulating and appealing and think, ‘I want to do that’.

Learning intentions

  • We are learning to examine the methods and approaches used by artists, designers and craft workers from our own and other cultures.
  • We are learning to use their methods and approaches imaginatively to stimulate our own ideas.

Learning Activites

In addition to the activities appropriate for Key Stage 1, give pupils at Key Stage 2 an opportunity to:

  • find out how an artist, designer or craft worker might gather information to help stimulate ideas for a piece of work;
  • identify how different media, tools and processes can communicate ideas in different ways;
  • examine works of art, design and craft to learn about the past, the present, our own culture and others;
  • express and justify an opinion about an artist’s work;
  • examine a range of design images and artefacts to discuss their fitness for purpose, e.g. kettles, mobile phones, garlic press and food packaging; and/or
  • work with artists to share, learn from and value different ideas and approaches.