Appreciating the work of artists, designers and craft workers

Learning intentions

We are learning that artists, designers and craft workers create images and objects to express and communicate ideas about what they see, hear and feel.

Pupils need to see examples of what Art and Design looks like in practice. In order to understand the subject they should see – and, where possible, handle – real objects. They need to learn what art and design artefacts from different times and places look like.

Showing them examples of existing work suitable for their age group can help pupils get their own ideas flowing.

The best learning experiences in Art and Design lessons usually happen when pupils look at work they find stimulating and appealing and think, ‘I want to do that’.

Learning Activites

Focus on work by one or more artists, designers, craft workers or film-makers so that the pupils can:

  • appreciate that everyone can create images which are unique and special;
  • look at, enjoy and respond to a piece of work (e.g. a drawing, painting, sculpture or print);
  • describe the work and give an opinion about it;
  • suggest the media used to create it, e.g. paint, pencil or camera;
  • invent or tell a story based on the work; and/or
  • identify and respond to any moods and feelings the work suggests to them.

You could ask them to choose and examine some items from school or home produced by artists, designers or craft workers. These could be functional or decorative objects.

If possible, enable the pupils to meet with an artist, designer or craft worker to discuss his or her work.