Iceberg Ahead

Major plans are being drawn up to transform a disused shipyard in Belfast into a dedicated heritage centre for RMS Titanic. This task uses this context to explore the different types and properties of water and the changes that occur in the water cycle.

Where It Fits

Change Over Time

  • How change is a feature of the human and natural world

Key Question

  • How do things change?

Suggested Learning Intentions

  • To express opinions and give reasons based on what has been read.
  • To explore and develop ideas and respond to others’ points of view.
  • To make links between possible cause and effect (designing and carrying out fair tests)
  • To know some of the factors that can affect the melting process.
  • To understand how learning in science relates to news in the world around us.

This Primary upd8 activity is designed for CCEA in line with the Northern Ireland Curriculum requirements for the World Around Us and Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities.

Cross-Curricular Skills

developed in this activity

Talking and Listening

Thinking Skills & Personal Capabilities
Thinking Problem Solving

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