Get Ratty

Rentokil has developed traps that send you an email when they make a catch. It takes pressure measurements to distinguish between vermin and family pets, and it kills quickly and humanely by releasing carbon dioxide gas.

What It's About

This activity challenges the children to design electrical circuits that would alert the user in different ways when an object or animal is sensed.


  • The causes and effects of energy

Key Questions

  • How do things work?

Suggested Learning Intentions

  • To express opinions and give reasons based on what has been read.
  • To experiment with objects and ideas in a playful way.
  • To experiment with different ideas, actions and outcomes.
  • To understand how learning in science relates to news in the world around us.

This Primary upd8 activity is designed for CCEA in line with the Northern Ireland Curriculum requirements for the World Around Us and Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities.

Cross-Curricular Skills

developed in this activity

Talking and Listening

Thinking Skills & Personal Capabilities
Being Creative


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