Martian Masterclass

French chefs have come up with 11 tasty dishes that could be grown, cooked and served on a Martian base. These dishes are important because astronauts who arrive on Mars have now got to be self-sufficient. Oxygen, food and water will need to be produced on Mars.

What It's About

If reserves from Earth were taken with them, the rocket would never get off the launch pad. This task challenges children to explore the conditions for plant growth by designing investigations and exploring their life cycles.

Key Questions

  • Who are we?
  • What are we?
  • How do living things interact with each other in the environment?

Where It Fits


  • Interdependence and the natural world
  • Interdependence of people and the environment
  • Interdependence of people, plants, animals and place

Key Question

  • How do living things survive?

Suggested Learning Intentions

  • To express opinions and give reasons based on what has been read.
  • To use an appropriate vocabulary to express ideas and opinions.
  • To make some attempt to explain these ideas and opinions.
  • To compare each others approaches.
  • To know the main stages of plant growth and life cycles.
  • To understand how learning in science relates to news in the world around us.

This Primary upd8 activity is designed for CCEA in line with the Northern Ireland Curriculum requirements for the World Around Us and Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities.

Cross-Curricular Skills

developed in this activity

Talking and Listening

Thinking Skills & Personal Capabilities
Self Management


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