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Stepping Out

Links with the Curriculum

How Stepping Out can contribute to Personal Development and Mutual Understanding at Foundation and Key Stage 1.

Consistent with the Northern Ireland Primary Curriculum, Personal Development and Mutual Understanding is about the development of positive values and attitudes. It is very important that children have an opportunity to develop these naturally as a consequence of their investigations and guided critical reflection on the various issues. Learning therefore needs to be active, with children being encouraged to investigate issues for themselves, to suggest solutions and to make decisions based on what they have learned. The learning experiences provided, need to reflect the context of individual schools and the interests and needs of their students and teachers.

  • Personal Understanding and Health;
  • Mutual Understanding in the Local and Wider Community'

The following table outlines suggestions as to how you might use some of the activities from ‘Stepping Out’ and the statutory requirements that they address.

Foundation Stage Statutory Statements

Key Experiences

Children should have opportunities for example, during play, circle time, drama and stories to explore and discuss:

  • themselves and their personal attributes;
  • their own and others feelings and emotions;
  • their relationships with family and friends;
  • their responsibilities for self and others;
  • how to respond appropriately in conflict situations;
  • similarities and differences; and
  • learning to live as a member of a community.

Strand 1 - Personal Understanding and Health

Strand 2 - Understanding in the Local and Wider Community

  • Circle time work – exploring feelings in relation to diversity and inclusion
  • Contract – practicing skills for dealing with difference in a safe way


  • Grace and Tracey
    Conflict; Diversity & Inclusion
  • William’s Stories
    Sectarianism; Loss; Racism - Settled/Traveller; Differently Abled
  • The Tools
  • Stories from Different Countries
    Faiths and Times


  • Chinese New Year
  • Vaisakhi
  • Ridván
  • Saga Dawa
  • St Patrick’s Day and The Twelfth
  • Hiroshima Day
  • Ramadan/Eid
  • Festivals of light
  • Diwali
  • Christmas
  • Hanukkah