The following is a list of Northern Ireland specific resources. Just click on the image to access the resource. To read a review of the resources just click on the lesson reviews link.

Financial Capability: Post-Primary Guidance Financial Capability: Post-Primary Guidance

Provides a model of progression for the development of financial capability through Key Stages 3 and 4 and extending into adult life building on experiences of Key Stages 1 and 2.

Financial Capability Guidance Financial Capability: Progressing Through Key Stage 3

This guidance aims to provide teachers with the structure, clarity and progression for teaching Financial Capability through Key Stage 3 and in to Key Stage 4.

Your Money Mattes - NI Your Money Matters - Northern Ireland Edition

A CCEA endorsed resource that aims to build the skills, knowledge and attitudes of young people to make informed choices about managing their money, now and in the future. It is a collaboration between Young Money, Young Enterprise Northern Ireland, the Money and Pensions Service, and Martin Lewis OBE.

Fabula Fabula (Financial and Business Learning Activities)

The F.A.BU.L.A project intends to engage, motivate and stimulate young people in Primary Schools (and Year 8) in entrepreneurship and financial literacy, removing the idea of a closed, complex, elitist, de-contextualised finance from daily life and activities, by adopting an integrated teaching model which integrates entrepreneurial skills and both economic and financial knowledge. This project intends to help new generations to understand how to make financial choices that are more and more complex and demanding in the best possible way.

moneysense MoneySense

Four modules take students through the basics of banking and financial management – from the decision to open a bank account for the first time through to independently managing money everyday.

Talk Money, Talk Maths Talk Money, Talk Maths

Talk Money, Talk Maths uses four real life scenarios (mobile phones, school trips, banking and computers) to support mathematical learning and teaching while raising awareness of financial issues for young people.

Scottish Booktrust Planning your Holiday

A mathematics rich resource that contributes towards learning in financial capability. This resource could also form the basis for a collaborate project with Geography and ICT.

Fashion Show The North Coast Integrated College’s Financial Capability Money Week

The North Coast Integrated College’s Financial Capability Money Week was held in November 2009. The theme for the week was ‘Ethically Surviving the Credit Crunch’ and saw every department in the school delivering lessons in financial capability to their year 10 pupils. The event cumulated with a ‘Fair Trade’ Fashion Show.

Shop AroundShop Around (NI Consumer Council)

We all need to buy goods and services – but are we aware of our rights as consumers. This resource helps pupils understand their rights. It uses a series of stimulating, informative and fun activities suitable for a range of groups.


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