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Talk Money,Talk solutions Ballymagee Primary School's Money Week

Every year group was involved in a range of money-themed lessons which allowed connections to be made across the Areas of Learning. Further details of the lessons and resources used during the week are available in the case study section.

Talk Money,Talk solutions Talk Money. Talk Solutions
All key stages

Practical activities supported by teacher notes, a CD Rom and film of teachers using the resource in the classroom. Includes three activities for each year group as well as extended projects and information on the financial capability skills.

Nationwide Education Counting on Money & The Cost of Money

An interactive website for pupils, teachers and parents designed for use on interactive whiteboards and PCs. It provides an online storybook and interactive board game with downloadable factsheets, word banks and worksheets for pupils. It covers a wide range of topics, predominantly aimed at developing pupils’ confidence in using money and their knowledge of financial concepts. Teachers are provided with extension activities and discussion points. There are also hints and tips for parents when discussing the topics of financial capability with their children.

Money Wise Thematic Unit Money Wise Thematic Unit

This Thematic Unit is linked to the Years 6/7 ICL, Needs and Wants. Within this unit, children will be enabled to foster positive attitudes and decision making towards financial decision making. Children will learn about making financial decisions and consider how to spend money including pocket money and contributions to charity. Children learn that resources can be allocated in different ways and these decisions have individual, social and environmental consequences.

Money Event Money Event

This events pack provides a step-by-step approach to running a successful money themed event in your school.

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