PE Activities (Key Stage 3)

The PE activities use the ethos and values of the Olympic and Paralympic Games as the focus of a variety of athletics, dance and games activities.

Activity Description Cross-Curricular Skills Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities
Beat Your Best Athletics
Pupils learn about inspirational athletes. They then try to beat their personal best in athletics events and keep a record of their performance.
Communication Self-Management
Faster Higher Stronger Pupils work as a group to run a combined athletics event. Communication
Using Mathematics
Working with Others
Sports Dance Pupils learn about Olympic and Paralympic sports and create a dance to represent these sports. Communication Being Creative
Design your own Olympic Game Pupils create the rules for a new Olympic sport and teach it to other children in the class. Communication Working with Others
Fitness for Health Pupils investigate recommended daily amounts of physical activity and explore what ‘moderate intensity activity’ means. Communication Working with Others