Olympic and Paralympic Values

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Learning Intentions

Pupils will:

  • be aware of the values of the Olympic and Paralympic Games;
  • understand how the values of the Olympic and Paralympic Games can be demonstrated; and
  • be able to identify and evaluate personal strengths and weakness.
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Curriculum Links

Personal Development
Self Awareness

Pupils should have opportunities to:

  • explore and express a sense of self;
  • explore personal morals, values and beliefs; and
  • explore the different ways to develop self-esteem.


Pupils should have opportunities to explore the qualities of relationships, including friendship.

Using ICT
Pupils should have opportunities to:

  • access, select, interpret and research information from a range of digital sources; and
  • use a range of contemporary digital methods to communicate, exchange and share their work.

Pupils will:

  • listen to and take part in discussions, explanations, role-plays and presentations; and
  • find, select and use information from a range of sources.

Pupils will be aware of personal strengths, limitations and interests.

Thinking, Problem-solving and Decision-Making
Pupils will make connections between learning in different contexts.

Working with Others
Pupils will listen actively and share opinions.

Physical Education
Pupils will have opportunities to:

  • develop positive sporting behaviour and a sense of fair play;
  • develop positive relationships and respect for the differing capabilities of others; and
  • explore issues related to ethical awareness.

Pupils will explore and respond to the views and feelings of others.


Use the’ Living the Olympic Values’ video clip (3.39) on the www.olympic.org website and the ‘Be a Champion’ video narrated by Liam Neeson on the www.specialolympics.ie website to introduce your pupils to the Olympic and Paralympic values.

Discuss the images in the video. What sort of characteristics and values are portrayed?

Show your pupils the values of the Olympic and Paralympic Games:

Olympics Paralympics
friendship inspiration
excellence determination
respect courage

Ask them to think of examples of how these values are shown in everyday life, for example welcoming a new pupil to the class demonstrates friendship, practising the guitar every day so that you improve demonstrates determination (and possibly excellence).


Inspire > Aspire is an independent education programme inspired by the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The Inspire>Aspire Poster Award is a personal development programme that looks at the values and qualities your pupils will need to make a success of their future. Your pupils can complete an electronic poster template by considering what is important to them in life.

Download a copy of the Inspire>Aspire poster and ask your pupils to fill out sections 1 to 6. They must consider how they demonstrate the Olympic and Paralympic values.


Ask your pupils to give examples of people who demonstrate the Olympic and Paralympic values particularly well, this may be someone they know or somebody famous. Ask your pupils to explain how this person has demonstrated the values.


Encourage pupils to think about what they would like to achieve in their lifetime. Would they run their own business? Would they travel the world? Would they score the winning goal in the World Cup?

Pupils use images from various sources such as magazines or the internet to produce an A3 picture board to demonstrate their aspirations. Ask them to identify which Olympic Values would help them achieve their goals and add these to their picture board.

Additional Activities

Ask your pupils to create a podcast, explaining the values of the Olympic and Paralympic games for other pupils in the school. They could design a medal or certificate that could be awarded to pupils who demonstrate a particular Olympic or Paralympic value.

The Olympic Education Toolkit contains activities to explore the Olympic and Paralympic values. For example on page 109 an activity suggests making up a 'Wanted Ad', listing the qualities that a person needs to be a champion. Another activity on page 107 suggests making a classroom mural with photographs and stories of heroes and preparing role plays of an interview with them. A further activity on page 90 has ideas about producing a radio or TV documentary, designing posters or composing a song on fair play.

You will need

Inspire > Aspirewww.inspire-aspire.org.uk

Living the Olympic Valueswww.olympic.org

Special Olympicswww.specialolympics.ie

Teacher’s Tool Kitwww.olympic.org