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Thinking Cards

Teachers at the 2011 Regional Training Unit (RTU) Summer School took part in a one-day workshop which introduced them to the Thinking Cards. Here are some of their comments:

I think they are a valuable resource for structuring thinking and making the skill explicit.

Key Stage 1 teacher, Belfast

I think the cards will be a really useful resource in structuring activities to promote TSPC in my classroom. They will be very useful prompts for teacher, classroom assistant and pupils.

Key Stage 1 teacher, Derry

Using the cards really made you think!

Key Stage 2 teacher, Derry

I am looking forward to using the cards in the classroom.

Key Stage 2 teacher, Belfast

Using the cards stimulated imagination, generated discussion and lots of ideas.

Key Stage 3 teacher, Lisburn

Fantastic resource - good as a teacher for getting you to think about what you want the pupils to learn/know and can feed into your learning objectives. They help you to be specific in your questioning.

Primary School teacher, Bangor

I now have the confidence to use the cards and canít wait to try using these ideas in my classroom Ö I really see a place for them in helping children mould their own learning and really think critically about what/why etc.

Key Stage 2 teacher, Bangor

I will definitely use the cards in school this year as I had no idea how to implement thinking skills last year. The cards are tactile and suit all learning styles.

Key Stage 2 teacher, Dunmurry