Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment

Training Activities for Teachers

These activities are for teachers to use, ideally with a whole-school staff or with a group of colleagues. Discussion and sharing of ideas around the activities and the cards is a vital part of the process in getting to grips with using the cards.

Before you use Thinking Cards with your pupils, you need to know how they support the acquisition and development of Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities.

These activities are designed to make you think: to put you into unfamiliar situations as a means of replicating what pupils are faced with on a regular basis, and to show you how Thinking Cards can scaffold thinking and give guidance when stuck.

Each activity will take about 45 minutes, depending on how much discussion follows. We have highlighted suggestions for discussion where appropriate.

Activity 1 - Writing with Objects


Activity 1 and resources PDF, 690 KB

Working in a small group, you will use a set of objects as a stimulus for writing a narrative. You may use a Thinking Frame to help you plan in your group. You then select some Thinking Cards to help you think your way through to the end of the activity.

Activity 2 - Design a Museum


Activity 2 and resources PDF, 517 KB

You have lots of images of artefacts that will be placed in your museum. Working in a small group, your task is to construct a plan to show how these artefacts will be displayed.

Activity 3 - Scenarios


Activity 3 and resourcesPDF, 499 KB

Working individually or in pairs, you select a scenario. Your task is to decide how you would work through an issue or solve a problem. You may use a Thinking Frame to help you plan. You then select various Thinking Cards to help you think your way through the scenario and come up with a solution.