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Our Listen and Think and Wise Up and Think storybooks can help you to introduce and support the Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities framework in an enjoyable way.

Storytelling is an effective way to communicate thoughts and feelings. It can help children to identify and address issues, clarify beliefs and think about their values.

Who are the books for?

The ten Listen and Think books are intended for Foundation Stage (Years 1 and 2).

The five Wise Up and Think books are intended for Key Stage 1 (Years 3 and 4).

The stories may also be useful to teachers in Key Stage 2, to set the scene for the development of Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities.

How should the books be used?

You can read the books with or to the children. Take time to talk about the illustrations that support the text. These can help to stimulate children's questions and discussions.

Each book lists key words or phrases that you can introduce, as appropriate, to help children develop a shared vocabulary when talking about and using skills and capabilities.

At key points in the text, you will come across a bee or a ladybird symbol. These indicate a good time to stop and use the 'Discussion Prompts' on the last page of each book to draw out, highlight and develop aspects of the particular thinking skill or personal capability.

At the end of each book there are prompts to encourage children to become storytellers by sharing their own ideas and stories.