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Pupils develop empathy for how people lived in Viking times by overcoming a number of problems encountered through everyday Viking life.

Ideas for Connected Learning

Key Stage 2


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Live like a Viking!

Picture yourself as a Viking in Scandinavia 1000 years ago having to build your settlement, farm the land for survival and cook as they would have during that time. Experience the good times by preparing for celebrations but also considering what you need to do to protect yourself from imminent raids. Prepare and plan for battle will you defeat the enemy? How will you do this, what considerations will you need to take – it's up to you!




These Minecraft quests are signposted within the CCEA Vikings ICL. They are designed to align to the curriculum so that pupils are applying learning through online gaming. They are for use with MinecraftEdu. We are developing a number of similar quests for Minecraft on mobile devices and Minecraft Education Edition.



Viking Roles

Live like a Viking by carrying out tasks such as building, farming and making bread.

Viking Celebration

Explore the Viking longhouse and prepare a feast.


Viking Ship Building

Design and build a Viking long ship and stock it for trade or war.

Viking Raid

Prepare and take part in a Viking raid.


Mission to Rathlin Island

Visit Rathlin Island to carry out an archaeological dig.

Viking Mythology

Visit the Bifröst rainbow bridge and Asgard, home of the Viking gods. Then prepare for a battle with the mythological Nidhogg!




Minecraft is all about mining and crafting. Here are some crafting recipes to get you started!




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Crafting Table

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Fence Gate

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Leather Tunic

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Stone Pick Axe

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Stone Sword

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Wood Planks

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Bigger Builds and Blue Prints

Use these tutorials and blue prints to guide you through bigger more complex builds.



Long Boat

Learn how to create a Viking long boat including a dragon head and sail.

Viking House

Learn how to build a Viking style house.


Build a Moat

Create a Redstone drawbridge and moat to protect your Viking house.

Odin creates the Viking world!

View our Minecraft Viking Machinima (screen recording) animation and learn about the myth of Odin, Asgard and the rainbow bridge.

  • Machinima