The STEM Connections Directory is a searchable database with easily accessible information for over 100 businesses and other organisations which are involved in STEM related work throughout Northern Ireland. The companies and organisations listed have been contacted by CCEA and have voluntarily registered on the directory and agreed to support and promote STEM education in Northern Ireland schools.

The purpose of the database is to enable teachers to develop collaborative partnerships with local businesses which are willing to provide support to schools around promoting and developing STEM education and careers. It is hoped that the Directory will be used to bring together educationalists and employers in creating innovative approaches to STEM education which will enhance pupils’ learning experiences. The type of support offered includes on-site visits, outreach visits and educational materials.

Schools can search the Directory by:

  • County;
  • Business sector;
  • STEM areas; and
  • Key words (highlighted by the businesses themselves).

The Directory also shows the location of local companies/organisations on an interactive map.