STEM Innovation Programme


The STEM Review which was published in 2009 articulated a series of issues relating to STEM education, along with a number of recommendations to address these issues.

In recognition of this, CCEA developed the STEM Futures resources to support Key Stage 3 teachers who have a contribution to make to STEM education.  The next challenge was to develop a method for embedding STEM; sustainability is an increasingly important trend in terms of the way people and organisations do their work. CCEA then committed to explore practical tools and techniques to support schools with the operational delivery of STEM in ways which would ensure sustainability.

CCEA adopted innovation as a tool that could be used by schools to bring about lasting change in terms of adding value to their STEM provision.  Ten schools were recruited and given the opportunity to gain an insight into and discuss the impact of delivering innovation in STEM education.  As a result of the learning, CCEA developed a framework to support schools interested in embedding sustainable innovation.  This case study shows how these schools used the framework to add value to their STEM provision today and for future years.