The Planets



Who St Columbanus College
Duration 6 weeks
Key Stage 3
Subject Strands Science and Mathematics
Cross-curricular Skills Using Maths and Using ICT
Key Elements Employability and Spiritual Awareness

The STEM project was based around the theme of the Solar System and the Planets. The project ran over a period of six weeks. Teachers from Science, Mathematics and ICT collaborated to plan and deliver different project elements. 

During the project pupils researched information about the Solar System, Universe and the planets. They explored space travel and used bottle rockets to investigate forces and thrust. Pupils also received training from ‘Studio On’ in using the software package ‘Comic Life.’ They put this training to use by digitally recording their progress throughout the project and presented their work in comic strip form. Pupils also visited the Armagh Planetarium to learn more about the Solar System and planets.