Streamlining in Sport



Who Dromore High School and New-Bridge Integrated College
Duration 3 weeks
Key Stage 3
Subject Strands Science, Technology and Design and Mathematics
Cross-curricular Skills Using Maths and Using ICT
Key Elements Employability
Business Links Hole Shot Motor Sport

The project covered three weeks. It began when pupils and teachers from both schools came together for a STEM activity day which was held at Dromore High School. Pupils participated in other activities at their own schools which where delivered through STEM subjects. The project ended with another STEM activity day, were again pupils from both schools joined together at Dromore High School.

In Science pupils researched ‘Streamlining in Sport’ and in Technology and Design they explored structure and shapes in relation to aerodynamics in sport. The main challenge for pupils was to investigate the relationship between speed, air resistance and the shape of model cars. Pupils produced model cars using K’nex and three vacuum formed car bodies. They then tested their cars' speeds in a wind tunnel and worked out air resistance.