Staging an Event



Who Sullivan Upper School and Holywood Primary School
Duration 10 weeks
Key Stages 2 and 3
Subject Strands Science, Technology and Design and Mathematics
Cross-curricular Skills Using Maths and Using ICT
Key Elements Employability, Citizenship and Economic Awareness
Business Links Busy Bee Events

The primary pupils met with Year 10 pupils at Sullivan Upper School during the early stages of the project and at the end of the project. During the rest of the project pupils worked within their own schools on similar activities. In Sullivan Upper School activities were delivered within Science, Technology and Design and Maths.   

Pupils were tasked with designing and making a stage model, including lighting and sound effects. The idea was that the model could be used to create a ‘real’ stage as a venue for a charity event. Pupils had to choose a charity cause for their event. An Events Manager from Busy Bee Events provided a real world setting for the project by sharing her experiences of managing major events such as ‘Tin the Park’ and the ‘Brit Awards’.