Sports Science



Who Rainey Endowed School and Woods Primary School
Duration 5 weeks
Key Stages 2 and 3
Subject Strands Science, Technology and Design and Mathematics
Cross-curricular Skills Using Maths
Key Elements Employability and Personal Health
Business Links Atkins

The project was organised over 5 weeks and delivered during subject classes in Science, Technology and Design and Mathematics. In the last week of the project Year 10 pupils, from Rainey Endowed School, mentored Year 7 pupils for a day. The school based part of the project was followed by a one day STEM event which was held at Meadowbank Sports Arena. The project also spliced messages about the Key Element of Personal Health and the world of work into the Science and Technology activities. A core intention of the project was to bring pupils into contact with representatives of industry and business who apply Science and Technology in their work. Taking part in a mentoring exercise with a feeder primary school also gave participants a chance to consolidate their learning by sharing their experiences with younger pupils.