Space Explorers: Mission to Mars



Who Antrim Grammar School and Antrim Primary School
Duration 6-8 weeks
Key Stages 2 and 3
Subject Strands Science, Technology and Design and Mathematics
Cross-curricular Skills Using Maths and Using ICT
Key Elements Employability and Spiritual Awareness
Business Links Randox Laboratories

The Space Explorers: Mission to Mars project was organised over an eight week period in Antrim Primary School and over six weeks in Antrim Grammar School. During the project Year 6 and Year 8 pupils worked within their own schools on a variety of activities. Pupils also met on occasions at Antrim Primary and Antrim Grammar schools to participate in common activities. The project concluded with a celebration day at Antrim Grammar School. 

Pupils from both schools participated in a range of inquiry based practical activities which were all linked to the main project challenge. The challenge for pupils was to design, build and test a model of a Space Explorer. The link to the world of work was provided by an Engineer from Randox who visited pupils in both schools and talked about the role of an Engineer and the importance of STEM subjects.