Primary Thematic Units: STEM

Supporting the statutory requirements for the Areas of Learning of the NI Curriculum at Key Stage 2. Read more...

Norn Iron's Ordinary Heroes

A comic celebrating people who have achieved extrordinary success in the areas of STEM. Read more...

STEM in Minecraft

Pupils develop empathy for how people lived in Viking times by overcoming a number of problems encountered through everyday Viking life, in Minecraft! Read more...


Case Studies

Promoting STEM through the NI Curriculum

Making Learning Connections

STEM Innovation

CCEA adopted innovation as a tool that could be used by schools to bring about lasting change in terms of adding value to their STEM provision. Schools were given the opportunity to gain an insight into and discuss innovation in STEM education. Read more...

Assessing UICT through STEM Futures

This case study shows a good example of how careful selection of curriculum material leads to work which satisfies several statutory requirements at once. Read more...

STEM Heroes

Schools across Northern Ireland had the opportunity to celebrate and share STEM Heroes in their local community. This booklet gives a summary of some of the exciting work that was carried out by pupils in both Primary and Post-Primary schools. Read more...


About STEM


STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

In 2008, reports from MATRIX: The Northern Ireland Science Industry Panel highlighted the importance of innovation, research and development in Northern Ireland's STEM industries. A year later in 2009, DE and DEL published the STEM Review and a draft STEM Strategy. Both of these emphasised a need for more links between industry and education.

When considered together, the reports indicate that we need to ensure that Northern Ireland's young people have the skills, knowledge and understanding in STEM-related subjects in order to take advantage of job opportunities in these fields and contribute to the country's economy.

In response, we have produced this STEM site, which is targeted at Key Stage 3 pupils and teachers. It provides a range of enquiry-based learning activities that teachers can use to:

  • stimulate innovative learning and teaching opportunities;
  • encourage pupils to make learning connections across subjects; and
  • enable pupils to better understand how STEM subjects relate to the world of work.

We hope you find the site and its resources informative, innovative and exciting.